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About Us

Our Story

  • A journey shared is a journey made meaningful.

Looking back on our story is akin to glancing at a rear-view mirror during a long road trip together. It gives us a glimpse of the kilometers we've covered, highlights the important landmarks we've passed along the way, and reminds us of how far we've come and how much further we still have to explore. So here is ours ...

In 2013, The Couch (Practice of Psychology and Psychiatry) began at 10th Avenue, founded by clinical psychologist Yumna Zubi. Our voyage continued as we relocated to 40 River Road in 2014, forming a team of practitioners to cater to diverse therapy needs. Over the years, our practice expanded to include clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, educational psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and a clinical sexologist. Bridging the gap between psychotherapy and psychiatry, our first psychiatrist joined in 2016, with more following suit. In 2020, The Couch and Co was born, uniting affiliate practitioners to reach clients across Gauteng.

Adapting to change became our compass, leading us to avenues like social media for psychoeducation. From establishing our Facebook page in 2014 to launching Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube in 2018, we started meaningful conversations about mental health. Our team's voice extended to television, radio, journals, and magazines, culminating in a dedicated volunteer team curating psychoeducational content.

Committed to creating positive ripples, we partnered with initiatives like the Santa Shoe Box project and the #HikeForMentalHealth fundraiser. As the pandemic reshaped landscapes, we embraced virtual consultations, a bridge to connect with clients and adapt to their preferences. Our hybrid model, blending virtual and in-person sessions, emerged as a testament to our dedication.

Throughout these chapters, our vision remains constant—to lead in transforming the mental health sector. As we look ahead, we're thrilled to connect with you on your path of healing, learning, and growth. Join us for the next leg of this extraordinary journey.