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Jon Pedrosa

Registered Clinical Psychologist
HPCSA NO. PS0144266

  • BA Health Sciences and Social Services in Psychological Counselling (UNISA)

  • BA Honours in Psychology (UNISA)
  • MSc in Clinical Psychology (Sefako Makgato Health Sciences University)

Location: Edenvale

Services offered:

  • Adolescents therapy
  • Adults therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Group therapies and/or workshops
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive and related disorders
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Schizophrenia Spectum and other related disorders
  • Bipolar and related disorders
  • Trauma- and stressor- related disorders
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Somatic Symptom and related disorders
  • Feeding and Eating Disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction and sexual health
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Substance Related and Addictive Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Paraphillic Disorders
  • Trauma Debriefing
  • Bereavement
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Anger Management
  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress management
  • Burnout
  • Personal Growth and Development

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist that assists individuals/couples/families with psychological, emotional, and behavioural difficulties and challenges. Psychotherapy is a medium of talk therapy, which facilitates a process of development and personal growth.


Over the last few years, I have worked with patients at George Mukhari Hospital, Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, Randgate Community Clinic, Kagiso Community Clinic, and Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital. I have experience working in the Trauma Ward, Para-suicide Ward, Acute and Chronic Psychiatric Units, Forensics Unit, and the Dual-Diagnosis Unit, which included rehabilitation for substance use.


The mode of therapy I practice is psychodynamic in nature with a humanistic approach. This means that the therapeutic aim is to identify internal conflicts which the patient may be unaware of that manifests and hinders present behaviour. The goal is to assist the patient to gain self-awareness, insight, and an understanding of how past experiences influence present behaviour.